Innerlight with Rachel

About Rachel Stroescu (200+ YTT Certified)

YOU deserve a place free of stress and external forces that drive your energy down . . . forget about what’s for dinner, is the laundry done? FORGET IT ALL and let go for 60 minutes. YES you can. YOU deserve it.

Experience pure love and blissfulness - I believe in creating your personal ZEN DEN and enjoying it!! How you reach there totally depends on you, so long as you unite your breath, mind and body, it's own harmony which creates that perfect tune for your Inner light to shine on and off the mat.

As a yoga teacher, I believe in choosing asanas (poses) that make you feel self-empowered, feelings of soulful balance and deepening your energy exchange with your inner self. Yoga is your journey and I’m here to guide you through the mind-body connection. My goal is for you to create that harmony of breath-to-movement that best fits you for your practice.

Classes are Vinyasa (flow) based with influences from Hatha, Yin yoga as well as various other yoga methods. My speciality are group or one on one private yoga sessions in person/online where students focus on building autonomy in their practice regardless of previous injuries/concerns, we cover flexibility training and strength conditioning.